about - Susan Turner


“I wish to approach truth as closely as is possible, and therefore I abstract everything until I arrive at the fundamental quality of objects.”  Piet Mondrian

Artist Statement

This collection of photographic work emphasizes my explorations into the “essences” of self, others and the earth. Photographs cannot capture the fragrance of the flower or the sound of whooshing water but they can evoke the “essence” of those sensations and experiences of the viewer. Looking beyond appearances to find something so much more definitive of who we are and what we see is the ultimate goal of my work.


Susan grew up in Eagle Rock, CA where she attended Eagle Rock Elementary and High School. Coming from a family who cherished the arts and creativity her talents became evident when at the early age of three she decorated their living room walls with a crayon which she promptly started eating. At thirteen Susan was enrolled in classes at Otis Art Institute where she studied classical drawing and painting and received a scholarship. After graduation from Eagle Rock High School in 1948 she earned her Associate of Arts degree at Los Angeles City College and continued to pursue her artistic learning experience with painting classes at UCLA. The five years Susan spent living in England and traveling widely became a magical creative journey which allowed her to widened her artistic prospective as she saw and absorbed a vast wealth of artistic works both past and contemporary. Upon returning to the United States Susan enrolled at California State University, Northridge with an emphasis upon studying photography and sculpture. .Susan graduated CSUN, Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor in Art Degree. Always seeking new paths of expression and process, digital photography became a fresh challenge and endeavor. Susan enrolled in photography classes at College of the Canyons, Valencia where she earned her Certificate in Fine Art Photography.

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